Kraft Bags for food products

The kraft paper bags for food products are a premium option for your food packaging. We use only the highest quality Japanese Kraft paper and we worked hard until we got a premium material that we are happy with.

The stock kraft bags are the perfect packaging to display your products and they are the best option for customization. You can use stickers, rubber stamps or just manually write something on them to impress your customer.

We see kraft bags used for confectionery goods, bakery items, pet treats, sweets and specialty items.

Some of the Stand up and Box Bottom versions of our kraft bags come with a resealable zipper that will keep your product fresh for longer. Please check on the product page and select the Zip option.

To seal these bags you can use any of the heat sealers in our shop.

If you are interested in custom printing don’t hesitate to contact us. We have various options and our expert team will be able to help you.