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The Bag Broker EU

The Bag Broker EU

  • The True Bio Bag - The Natural Alternative
  • KEEP IT FRESH with our Flexible Packaging Solutions
  • When image is everything, try Our Custom Service
  • Your Tea, Our Packaging
  • Digital Print - Low Volume Custom Printed Bags


  • Lars Siegmund
    Thank you for your effort, the information and your friendly customer service.
  • Florian Steiner
    Kaffee Heidelberg
    Great! We have big demand for quality packaging and found in The Bag Broker company a tremendous supplier - really good products, fast delivery and personal service.
  • Jennine James
    Coaltown Coffee Roasters
    Everything's great, we are really pleased with both the quality of the bags and the service provided by your company. Thank you.
  • Coffee Cherry
    Fast delivery, confidence, and customer active services are the facts which could make me offer The Bag Broker for everyone.


  • Blog Banner-They have arrived
    17 Mar,2017
    We have just taken delivery of the largest delivery of stock bags in the history of The Bag Broker.
  • Blog Banner-Introducing Digital Print from The Bag Broker
    13 Jan,2017
    It certainly is a moment to be proud of, having your logo and brand for all to see.
  • 16 Nov,2016
    After a fantastic event in 2014, we jumped at the chance to return to Hamburg and the opportunity to visit our old and new customers in Germany.
  • 26 July,2016
    The Box Bottom bag is one of our rising stars having been introduced in relatively recent times, compared to our other bag styles. It has grown in favour for its unique blend of usability, flexible features and strong retail value.
  • 17 May,2016
    Considered by many to be the workhorse of the packaging industry because of its relative low cost of production and purchase, Side Gusset Bags are still able to offer excellent shelf life for good packaging within.
  • 17 Mar,2016
    The classic stand up pouch has excellent standing abilities on a shop shelf and the end user can reseal it airtight very easily - making it an excellent option for retailers and their customers alike.
  • 03 Mar,2016
    Our CEO, Holger Nygaard, gives unique insight into what drove him to create a quality and innovation led, flexible food packaging company.
  • 17 Sep,2015
    This September, The Bag Broker are proud to announce the release of the True Bio Bag, the world's first readily available, mass produced bio-degradable coffee bag.
  • 4 Feb,2015
    Is bigger always better? Here at The Bag Broker we just don’t know. Big used to matter. People wanted to work at big companies, make a big fortune, fly in big planes, buy in big bulky packages.
  • 12 Dec,2014
    It may nearly be Christmas, but here at The Bag Broker we are not slowing down yet! This year we will be open as usual up to and including Christmas Eve. Your key dates are as follows;.
  • 26 Sep,2014
    It may only be September but 2014 has already been a busy year for The Bag Broker. If we haven’t been meeting clients at Trade Shows, we’ve been launching new products and furiously restocking our supplies.