The Bag Broker has a strong, close and long-standing relationship with a major flexible packaging producer in Taiwan. The manufacturer is ISO9002 certified, and its manufacturing capabilities meet the latest technological standards enabling us to provide excellent quality combined with competitive pricing.



Rotogravure laminate printing started in Taiwan in the 1970’s as this export-driven economy needed packaging of international quality for their mid and high tech products. Very fast, the Taiwanese manufacturers became internationally competitive, and started exporting flexible packaging materials to western markets such as the US, Australia and Western Europe. During the 1990’s as specialty coffee took off, the Taiwanese manufacturers branched out into coffee bags and laminated pouches as well. Now Taiwanese manufacturers are currently world leaders in flexible packaging.



Taiwan is a fig-shaped island east of the Chinese mainland. Its population of 23 million is very industrious, well-educated, and have over the last decades seen a rapid industrialization. The island currently has one of the biggest and modern production bases in the world, focusing on electronics, but still with a strong element of light industry. Apart from electronics, Taiwanese industrialists excel in specialized light industry, packaging industry, and shipbuilding.