6 techniques for creating an enticing coffee label

The appearance of a product can sometimes be enough to sell it before the consumer even knows the brand, so it stands to reason that when you’re trying to entice customers, visuals matter. This is even more valuable when it comes to coffee, where packaging plays such an important role to advertise your product and set your brand apart from competitors. Whether a small start-up or a global brand, coffee labels need to be carefully considered – here’s how to create a coffee label with impact.

Focus on the USPs

Consumers are more discerning than ever and, increasingly, shoppers are seeking brands that align with their own personal ethos. Your coffee label should promote the unique selling points, such as if you sell organic beans, if the coffee is grown using sustainable practices or if you’re a fair-trade business. Naturally, these statements need to be backed up, but showcasing the features that make your business different and a more ethical or sustainable option will benefit you when it comes to attracting your target customers.

Language matters

The language you use is important to convey the right message and evoke an association with quality and luxury. Even if your brand is quirky or more offbeat than others on the market, your customers are still going to value the flavour profiles of the coffee they buy, so this should be included on your label. Describe the coffee roast, the flavour notes and help your customers get a feel for what they can expect when they purchase your products. It’s these terms that customers will gravitate towards when choosing a coffee brand and by telling a story through the language you use, you can make your products seem more appealing and worthy of investing in.

Play with colour

Regardless of the target audience you’re trying to reach, you need your packaging to be consistent and cohesive. You want to be sure that customers immediately recognise your brand from the label style. Colour schemes and finishes can be a great way to attract people to your products, helping you to create a stylish and visually appealing look. You might have a bright, full colour label that plays with imagery and high gloss finishes to attract customers, or you might be more selective with the colours you choose for more impact.

Keep it minimal

A coffee label can easily become overcrowded – there’s a lot of information you can include, along with icons, certifications and text, and it can quickly be overwhelming. But a minimal label is not only clearer for customers, making it easier for them to see the key information, but it also evokes a more stylish and elegant image. With a minimalist design, your branding is front and centre, which makes it easier for you to draw customers in and sets your coffee products apart from others on the shelves.

Don’t neglect your branding

When you’re designing a coffee label, remember to tie everything back to your brand. That means the font style you use, the graphics you include and the way you phrase things should all correlate with your branding. You don’t want to alienate your audience by creating a design that contrasts to the branding you use elsewhere, so make sure that it’s something you align with your business as a whole at each stage.

Experiment with shapes

Circular labels are the most common, especially on food and drink items, so choosing a different shape can actually help you to stand out and makes your products more enticing. From square or oval labels to rectangular options that look great on stand-up pouches for maximum impact, you can get creative with shaping to make your coffee look unique. Experimenting with shapes and sizes for your labels will have a subtle but instant impact for your product packaging.

Make your coffee products stand out

The coffee market is huge, and it’s growing year on year. For businesses hoping to make an impact in the industry, the right packaging is essential and that includes your labelling. From colour and finishes to shape, size and the language you use in your text, there are various ways you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and attract more customers.

Packaging is important for any business, but especially for those selling food and drink products, so choosing high quality materials that you can customise is key. For more information about creating unique coffee labels for your business, get in touch with the team at The Bag Broker today.

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