7 key reasons why the food packaging you choose matters

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Food packaging is a critical element in the success of a product when it hits the shelves, keeping the food inside protected from chemical, physical and environmental factors that can change the product and make it unsellable. The wrong choice could wind up impacting your business in several ways, not least in terms of sales. In this guide, we’ll cover key reasons why the type of packing you choose for food products matters and some of the main considerations you should make when packaging a food product.

It protects the food

Whether you’re shipping dried goods like tea and coffee, hot liquids or cold fresh foods, the food inside needs to be right or your purchase will arrive a mess and unusable. Not only that, but it will be unappetising, which will affect the business’ reputation and future sales. The right food packaging will ensure that your food can travel well and arrives in the condition you and your customers expect.

Effective brand messaging

Personalised packaging is the perfect way to get your brand in front of an audience, and the better your packaging, the more effective that marketing will be. For new customers, it may well be the first introduction they have with your brand, so you want to make a good first impression.

Keeps the food safe from contamination

Food packaging protects the product inside from contamination, which can help to minimise food safety concerns and the need to recall items. Recalling products can be enough to ruin your brand’s reputation and credibility, and contamination can even result in a lawsuit in severe cases. Whether you choose pouches, sealed bags or boxes, you need to ensure that what’s inside won’t be affected by the surrounding environment.

Enhances freshness

Packaging doesn’t just keep food protected to maintain its aesthetic appeal, it also keeps the food fresh so that the taste and quality of the product stays intact. It ensures that the food maintains a good shelf life too, so that customers can keep the item for a set period before it needs to be consumed. For example, if you’re selling dried goods, it’s likely that you’ll want to choose a resealable bag to lengthen the lifespan of the product, without the consumer needing to use the whole quantity in one go.

Increases sales

Attractive wrapping can do wonders for increasing your sales, and it can help to encourage customers to make repeat purchases. When you’re up against competitors selling similar items, your packaging could be the selling point that makes them opt for your product over another. For example, if you offer recyclable packaging, those seeking sustainable alternatives are more likely to choose your product over a competitor product that’s packaged in plastic.

A method of communication

You can utilise packaging to communicate a message about the type of food you’re selling, to reach your target audience more effectively. Perhaps you’re selling organic products, or you exclusively sell vegan items – the messaging you choose is important and it can make or break your business’ success. You can reinforce the messaging on your packaging design too – it’s an obvious way to communicate what your product is all about.

The opportunity for cost savings

The cost-effectiveness of food packaging can be impacted by a number of factors, from the materials you choose to the size. The weight of the packaging you order can also impact the price, as it affects how much it costs to transport. Likewise, choosing a style that is easy to handle can make it more efficient to get your product out onto the shelves and into the hands of your customers.


The type of packaging you choose for your food is vital to ensure that it’s protected, safe from contamination and that it’s easier to transport. It offers a great opportunity to market your business more effectively to your customers, both existing and potential. It also helps to give your brand more personality to drive more sales and enhance your reputation as a business.

If you need advice on the right type of packaging for your food product or you want to learn more about creating custom packaging, get in touch with the team at The Bag Broker today.

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