How To Win Customers Back To Your Cafe Post-Lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic has been a tumultuous time for businesses across the globe, not only affecting their total revenue and customer retention but also impacting the success rate of their marketing efforts.

So, now that there appears to finally be a light at the end of the tunnel, it is incredibly important to start thinking about what you need to get customers back onside and flooding through the doors of your café yet again.

After all, with reports suggesting that more than 250,000 small businesses are set to close as a result of COVID-19, you and your café ultimately won’t be able to survive without thinking about your post-pandemic strategy.

In this article, we will pinpoint a few key ways to do exactly that, highlighting all you need to know about not only bringing your existing customers back but also attracting a whole host of new ones.

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Go mobile

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, many small businesses were left with no choice but to turn to mobile delivery apps like Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat to stay afloat. So, if you haven’t done so already, why not do the same?

Being able to offer a delivery service to your customers will not only make their lives a lot easier, but it could also encourage them to spend more than they would have done otherwise.

Say, for example, you used to rely on a local business to visit your café every lunchtime. Now that that business’ workers are likely to be working from home, offering delivery with an effective form of food packaging will allow them to still utilise your services while based further afield.

Offer incentives

After months upon months of spending their time stuck in lockdown, your customers will probably find themselves making up for lost time at the moment, putting their hard-earned money back into the economy now that the world has started to open up again.

Therefore, while they have this spend-happy mindset, try to use it to your advantage by offering them an incentive to come to your café.

Whether it be a discount voucher, sale, loyalty card or a membership scheme, the more you can do to persuade them through your doors, the better.

Invest in marketing

From organising Zoom calls to sharing Instagram posts, the coronavirus pandemic has caused more people to become reliant on the internet than ever before.

Nowadays, consumers are a lot more susceptible to online advertising and will often turn to software like Google Maps to determine whether your business is open or not. As such, investing in your café’s marketing could be a worthwhile use of your time.

Whether it’s through updating your Google My Business profile, investing in link building opportunities or sharing blogs and posts over your social media, improving communication with your customers in this way will help demonstrate to them that you’re on top of things following the pandemic.

Make yourself memorable

Being successful in business is all about standing out so, try to think of ways you can make your café do exactly that.

If, for example, you take great pride in using ethical ingredients or eco-friendly packaging in all your products, shout about it. Make it clear to your customer why they should buy from you and highlight how passionate you are about your business.

Likewise, it’s important to remain consistent so, don’t change yourself just to fit in or match your competitors. Be unique, stay true to your café’s morals and your customer base will likely follow suit, staying loyal to you and sticking in their mind for longer.

Final Thoughts…

The coronavirus pandemic has left many businesses more vulnerable than ever. Therefore, as a café owner, you need to think carefully about how to win customers back sooner rather than later.

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