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Rotogravure printing for custom packaging design

Rotogravure printing is a popular choice for flexible packaging because it allows for custom bag design, including the format, material structure, shape, features, and artwork. While it may have a higher initial cost, it is the preferred method for custom printed packaging in the coffee and food industry.

How does rotogravure printing work?

One of the main reasons for the high startup cost of rotogravure printing is the printing cylinders, also known as print drums. In rotogravure printing, the graphics are engraved directly into the print drum, which then transfers the graphics onto the printed material.

The process of creating the print drums can take up to a week, and each print drum can hold only one color. We can use both CMYK and pantone colors in the print.

To ensure that no ink is left on the unprinted areas, we use a doctor blade that removes excess ink. Therefore, it is crucial that the depth of the patterns carved into the cylinders is precise.

Benefits of rotogravure printing for personalized packaging

    1. High-quality print and color accuracy.
    2. Durable and long-lasting prints.
    3. Allows for complex and detailed designs.
    4. Can print on a wide range of materials.
    5. Cost-effective for large print runs.
    6. Fast printing speed.
    7. Environmentally friendly printing process.
    8. Can create a range of effects, such as gradients and spot colors.
    9. Consistent and reliable results.
    10. Flexible and customizable printing options.

Disadvantages of rotogravure printing

    1. High upfront cost for creating print drums.
    2. Limited color range compared to digital printing.
    3. Not suitable for short print runs.
    4. Longer lead time for production.
    5. Can be more difficult to make changes to the design once production has started.

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