Bags with windows

Do you want your beautiful and delicious products to be seen? Our bags with windows are a great solution to package them.

Our kraft paper bags with a clear window makes for an excellent display opportunity. Your customers will appreciate having easy access to see what they’re buying. Your product will also get more visibility by attracting views of customers passing by.

These food grade bags are practical for packaging and displaying various products including all kind of nuts, dried fruit, candy, tea cookies etc. They keep your product safe and secure from moisture, oxygen and other environmental factors that could lower the quality. The Stand-up version of the bags come with a resealable zip. The box bottom version comes with a clear, transparent side.

You can easily seal these bags with any of our heat sealers. If you are interested in custom printing don’t hesitate to contact us. If you already have a design in mind we can provide a free quote for your project after you complete our form here.