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Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Recyclable Bags

Protect your product while being environmentally conscious with our line of Recyclable Bags.

Our bags, made from mono-material level 4 recyclable LDPE, offer a high EVOH barrier to maintain freshness and a wide range of shapes, sizes and variations to cater to your needs. Our bags are also fully customizable with digital or rotogravure printing to showcase your brand.

Most of our bags are already compliant with DIN EN 13430, the European standard for reusable and recyclable plastic pallets, and certified by the Institute for recyclability and product responsibility, guaranteeing their environmental performance. We’re committed to certifying all of our bags and we are constantly working to improve our environmental standards and performance.

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Post Consumer Recycled Content (PCR) products​

Level 4 Recyclable products​

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