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Tea packaging

We all just love a perfectly made cup of tea.

There are a few key aspects that contribute to a good tea and they are: The water, the tea, the amount (when we use loose tea), the temperature and the time.

With great packaging we can ensure the tea will get to your customer in the same condition as when you packaged it. Our range offers bags with windows, transparent sides, bags with zippers and bags with high barriers. Some teas are more sensitive to light while others can handle a lower barrier and windows to showcase the product to your customers.

Here is the full range of products suitable for teas. We offer full custom printing on demand with virtually unlimited options. Please contact us if you are interested in custom printing.

  • Box Bottom (10)

  • Side Gusset (6)

  • Stand Up Pouch (9)

  • Cylinder (2)

  • Flat Pouch (1)

  • Other (1)

Bag Size


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